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Assistance disposals to medical and surgical gestures


Course Objectives

Understanding of the design of robotized solutions for the assistance to medical and surgical interventions.

Finally, at the system level, computer-aided medical and surgical gestures are treated (CAMSG). This discipline studies applications around the sight and the robotic in the intervention room, in order to assist practitioners during the preparation and the realisation of gestures. The CAMSGs make the best use of the IT tool to give advanced features like increased reality, which allows to stack synthesis images above a pre-operation images, or the guide of the movement thanks to a return of effort with a robot working in a collaborative mode. This education is based on a case study leaded by a world robot specialist teacher-researcher.

Course Outline

  • Introduction – Concepts, history, market, State of the Art.
  • Robotized digestive surgery – Systems, problems and existing solutions.
  • Robotized heart surgery – Systems, problems and existing solutions.
  • Robotized interventional radiology – Systems, problems and existing solutions.
  • Bibliographic study and oral presentation – Scientific and technological problems, industrial challenges, norms, certification, intellectual property.

Acquired competences

Understanding and analysis of practical problems in medical robotics. Ability to synthetize several other concepts of technology and medical imaging seen in 3rd year. Scientific presentations.

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