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Objectives of the cursus : The objectives of this course are:

  • To address the challenge of “big data” and craft of “Data Scientist”
  • Integrate all software tools seen in previous years in a data analysis platform,
  • Use these tools to prepare his third year internship.

Bio-informatics analysis of sequences


The program runs for four weeks. The program elements are:

  • Introduction to the concepts of “Big Data” (Definition, data storage, encryption and security, data visualization, descriptive statistics analysis methods and learning)
  • Introduction and use of data analysis platform KNIME,
  • Introduction to social network analysis tools
  • Introduction to documents analysis tools (scientific papers)

All these tools are used to analyze internship places possible for students and their employability. Student assessment is made on the two projects. The first is a comprehensive analysis project -omics data and the second project aims to analyze the field of professional integration envisaged by each student.

Acquired competencies :

The student is required to better understand the craft of “data scientist”. He must be able to do data mining and to implement data analysis and visualization tools for large quantity of data to meet a given issue.

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