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Course objectives

  • This course is focused on DNA chips and protein chips. Students learn biotechnology technics for the conception of a DNA biochip. A trip is planned at the Inter-University Centre for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (ICEM) in Grenoble to allow them to put in their applications skills in this area.

Course outline

This practical work consists of two parts that will take place at the Interuniversity Center for MicroElectronics (CIME-CNFM), Minatec Grenoble. For 4 consecutive half days, students work on the Biochip platform (dedicated to biotechnology).

  • 1rst Part – DNA microarray: DNA will be extracted from a bacterial sample, amplified, fluorescently labelled and hybridized overnight to an oligonucleotide microarray.
  • 2nd part – DNA microarray: after washing, the fluorescence associated with each oligonucleotide probe will be detected and analyzed. Spotting of a microarray by a robot will be demonstrated

Competences acquises

  • Technological skills enabling the development of DNA chips
  • Mastery of professional tools associated with the field of BioChip.

Some photos of this practical class :

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