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-[[bio-puces|{{ :​drapeau_france.png?​nolink&​50|}}]]+[[bio-puces|{{ :​drapeau_france.png?​nolink&​25|}}]]
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 ====Bio-chips==== ====Bio-chips====
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-This TU's part is focused on DNA and protein chips : manifacturing and applications.+===Course objectives===
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 +  * This course is focused on DNA chips and protein chips. Students learn biotechnology technics ​ for the conception of a DNA biochip. A trip is planned at the Inter-University Centre for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (ICEM) in Grenoble to allow them to put in their applications skills in this area.
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-Practical classes are done on the platform named Biochip ( Minatec CNFM center of Grenoble(France) ) during 2 consecutive days.+===Course outline===
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-These are practical ​classes'​ directives ​:{{:biochips_practicals_esonn13_1_.pdf|Plaquette des TP}}+This practical ​work consists of two parts that will take place at the Interuniversity Center for  MicroElectronics (CIME-CNFM),​ Minatec Grenoble. 
 +For 4 consecutive half days, students work on the Biochip platform (dedicated to biotechnology). 
 +  * 1rst Part – DNA microarrayDNA will be extracted from a bacterial sample, amplified, fluorescently labelled and hybridized overnight to an oligonucleotide microarray.  
 +  * 2nd part – DNA microarrayafter washing, the fluorescence associated with each oligonucleotide probe will be detected and analyzedSpotting of a microarray by a robot will be demonstrated
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 +===Competences acquises===
 +  * Technological skills enabling the development of DNA chips
 +  * Mastery of professional tools associated with the field of BioChip.
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 Some photos of this practical class : Some photos of this practical class :