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Biology is now moving from a descriptive science to a predictive science. Therefore, the biology is becoming more quantitative and computational. The objective of this course is to provide students the basics of tools used in quantitative biology (MATLAB, Python and PyMOL, ImageJ and the R software).

The course lasts six weeks

  1. Introduction to MATLAB to model the growth of cell populations
  2. Analysis of the protein-ligand interaction and study of protein 3D structure with PyMOL
  3. Neuroscience with MATLAB: Vision and Learning
  4. Using a virtual laboratory for exploring the genomics of Drosophila
  5. Analysis of gene expression and sequence analysis with PYTHON
  6. Statistical Analysis with R on sequencing data and introduction to Bioconductor.

The course uses a reverse pedagogy based on the online course “Quantitative Biology” by Eric Lander on the platform EDX. Student evaluation is done by a series of projects throughout the six weeks and a control terminal. The tools presented in this course are also used or taught in other courses. This will make connections between the different teachings of the ICT health degree.


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