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Biology- Biochemistry


This course is an initiation to :

  • The knowledge of the nucleic acids and more particularly of the DNA and its properties
  • Experimental approaches to manipulation of genetic material
  • A reflection on the variability and / or noise observed in biological measures




  • Nucleic acids (DNA) and their properties
  • Different types of nucleic acids (chromosomal DNA, plasmid)
  • Presentation of the plasmid that will be used during teaching practice
  • Presentation of the objectives of the sessions of practical work and their conduct
  • Presentation of DNA manipulation approaches that will be implemented during the practical work: amplification, purification and characterization of a plasmid, amplification by PCR (polymerase chain reaction), absolute quantification of genetic material by PCR in time real.

Practical work :

  • Introduction to basic gestures of DNA manipulation
  • Amplification, purification and characterization of a plasmid
  • Amplification of a DNA fragment by PCR endpoint
  • Determination of the number of copies of plasmid DNA by real-time PCR
  • Development of a laboratory notebook


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