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Business creation

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Teaching purpose

This lesson aims to collaborate on the creation of a start-up (prototyping, etc ….) As “project teaching”.

Team size : The team is composed of 6-9 third year students from ESBS (École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg) and from TPS - TI-santé Innovative Therapeutics option

Rule: Students will be selected following a motivation letter, according to their rating of 2A, and an interview.

Actors in the TU :

  • All the teachers helping to build the business plan.
  • Industrialists
  • All the teachers from ESBS and TPS advising students to realize prototyping.

Necessary equipment: 3D printer (fabLab) – Measuring bench linked to the continuous fluidic (I006)- biology project lab (D115)

TPS side: This TU will be open between October and late December. ESBS side: This TU will be open in early September (The project starts in October)


Topics for the year 2016-2017: Creating a startup on the antibiotics market and associated companion tests.

This TU will be composed of practical works, tutorials and « project » hours

Acquired skills :

At the end of this course, students will have the skills associated with business creation and prototyping.

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