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Circuits and advanced systems and tools

7H lessons + 4H PW
Coefficient 1

Lecture goals

This lecture provides the supplementary basics in electronics before to handle integrated circuits design. It includes the understanding and the use of usual blocks such as phase‐locked loops and oscillators. They are very commonly used but not yet studied because the others electronics courses focus on sensor and actuator interfaces. The lecture includes alors an introduction to SPICE simulation, that is the core of electronics and microelectronics simulators such as CADENCE.

Detailed outline

‐ principle of oscillators (ring, relaxation, harmonic), performances (stability, noise) and technologies.

‐ principle of phase‐locked loop, large and small signal analysis, main applications.

‐ discovery and learning of a SPICE‐like Electronic Design Automation (EDA) simulation tool dedicated to the simulation of analogue and mixed circuits, and associated types (DC, AC, TRAN)


A lab will be dedicated to handle and characterise an oscillator and a phase‐locked loop.

Acquired skills

The student will be able to choose and size an oscillator or a phase‐locked loop for his application. He will also know how a software simulation tool properly with standard analysis (DC, AC, TRAN) in order to verify what he has designed.


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