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Clean room and micro fluidics

8H45 lessons + 12H PW

(Coefficient 1,5)


This course is an introduction to microfluidics systems providing the basics to understand how a microfluidics circuit work, how they are fabricated, how they are used in practically and what the applications in the domain of healthcare are.
The clean room:

Program :

The course is composed of 3 parts :

  • Hydrodynamic flow physics in micro-canal (viscosity, surface tension, monophasic et diphasic flow)
  • Clean Room technologies.
  • Biological applications of microfluidic circuits with special stress on biological screening

The practical work is composed of 2 parts :

  • One whole day in a clean room facility to fabricate a microfluidic circuit
  • Half a day to manipulate a microfluidic circuit. Droplet production and fluorescence measurement. One visits of the screening facilities of the University of Strasbourg is planned to understand the application.

Video of the practical work : Microfluidic gouttes


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