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Course objectives

  • To introduce the latest developments in cytometry (flow and imaging) applied to the field of “drug discovery”, the prediction of toxicity or antibiotics.
  • New generation of analysis software in cytometry (interactive comparison of different cell populations from different organs)

Course outline

  • Theoretical basis of high-speed cellular analysis: measurements based on fluorescence, size and granularity.
  • Applications to the discovery of new molecules during cell challenge (inflammation, apoptosis, UV irradiation)

Practical work

  • Practical work will take place at the eBioCyt platform “Bio-pharmacological and pharmacokinetic tests in cytomic” at the Faculty of Pharmacy. It is related to FACS (Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting).

Acquired skills

  • Technologies in cytometry (integrated responses to different cell populations of an organ or organism).
  • “ex vivo” Technologies on models of human cells to avoid animal models often too distant from the human response.

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