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Haptics interaction


Course objectives

To init the students to the perception and rendering of efforts.

Course outline

  • Introduction – Concepts, applications with and without force sensors.
  • Perception – Human sensors, JND, illusions.
  • Efforts rendering – Haptic modalities.
  • Haptic devices technology I – Mechatronic design.
  • Haptic devices technology II – Force feedback control.
  • Haptic feedback implementation – Virtual interactions and force feedback programming.
  • Modeling and control of haptic devices – Introduction, virtual environment coupling, stability analysis.
  • Force feedback telemanipulation – Introduction, modeling, stability analysis vs. transparency. Bilateral control architecture.

Haptic interfaces Forces Dimension TV-operative the MicroSurge system of the DLR



  • Falcon Delta interface modeling
  • Kinematic and velocity models programming, static forces computation
  • Implementation, and application to virtual environment interaction

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