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Learning event-driven and graphical user interface programming for both PC and mobile devices.


  • Java fundamentals: syntax, classes, objects, access modifiers, Java APIs, Java swing API, Eclipse IDE.
  • Advanced Java programming: inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces, polymorphism, inner classes, nested classes, anonymous classes, exception handling, Java I/O and multi-threading.
  • Event-driven programming and graphical user interfaces in Java: Swing and AWT APIs (frames, buttons, dialogues, lists, etc.), Menus, FileChooser, Events, Listeners (Mouse, Key, etc.), Layouts, 2D graphics and image manipulation.
  • Android programming: Components (Activities, Services, Broadcast receivers, Content providers), views, component life-cycle, layouts, resources, AndroidManifest, listeners, dynamic programming, static programming via XML files, Intents, Android studio IDE.

Course learning outcome:

Developing high-quality graphical user interfaces for PC et Android enabled devices.

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