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Hospital Computing


The objective of this course is to give an overview of information and communications technology in the hospital environment. The course will cover the general aspects of the hospital information system, starting from the gouvernment's specificaition to the normative aspects of patient records (ISO21731 and ISO27932). The security aspects (ISO27001 and CNIL) and aspects related to quality of medical devices (ISO13485, ISO14000 and IEC62304) will then be detailed. Finally the world of radiology with its specificities will be studied (DICOM RIS and PACS).

Osirix, advanced platform PACS with tools for visualization of medical images DICOM

Program :

  • Electronic Health Record - Hospital information systems
  • HL7 ISO21731 - ISO27932 - IHE - Snomed/LOINC – LIMS
  • ISO27001 - privacy - 21CFR
  • Quality - ISO13485/ISO14000 - IEC62304 – FDA/CE

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