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-[[Traitement des images 1|{{ :drapeau_france.png?nolink&25|}}]] 
-====Image processing 1==== 
-**10H30 lessons + 14H PW** 
-//Coefficient 1.5// 
-===Lecture goals=== 
-The goal of this course is to present an overview of the problems and methods in image processing. 
-===Detailed outline=== 
-  *Elementary tools and processing: arithmetic and logical operations, histogram, convolution, Fourier transform 
-  *Restoration : denoising, deconvolution, quality metrics 
-  *Feature detection (contours, lines, points …) 
-  *Binary image processing, mathematical morphology 
-  *Segmentation 
-  *Pattern recognition 
-The different concepts covered by the lectures are illustrated through labs in matlab. 
-===Acquired skills=== 
-After this course, the student will be able to … 
-  *identify an image processing problem among those studied; 
-  *list the different image processing problems studied; 
-  *identify the processing applied on an image; 
-  *describe the studied methods, their advantages, disadvantages and assumptions; 
-  *implement one of the studied methods using a scientific programming language. 
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