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Image Processing 2

5H15 lessons + 6H PW
Coefficient 1

Lecture goals

This lecture aims to provide an introduction to medical image processing and associated software aspects. The value of medical imaging for clinical routine and neuroscience research is also presented.

Detailed outline

  • Introduction to medical image processing: medical imaging, registration, change detection, segmentation, fMRI, … (J.-P. Armspach)
  • Software and medical image databases (J. Lamy)
  • Insight of the radiologist: clinical routine, neuro-radiology, study of coma (S. Kremer)
  • Insight of the neurologist: aging, memory, cognitive tests (F. Blanc)


Getting started with a medical image processing software (Slicer)

Acquired skills

At the end of the lecture, the student will have an overview of the interests and issues related to medical image processing.


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