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Implementation of Microelectronics CAD tools


Course objectives

  • Being able to capture a schematic under Cadence software and run simulation using static, dynamic, or transient analyses ;
  • Performing statistical analysis and improve manufacturability and yield of intergrated circuits ;
  • Adjusting devices in order to match performance targets.

Course outline

  • Introduce the project and the schematic to be simulated with Cadence Software (ECG amplifier) ;
  • Use the schematic editor and the simulator engines ;
  • Use correct dimensions of devices to match requirements ;
  • Aspects of process variability and its impact on manufacturing systems, statistical analyses.


  • Design electronic circuit to be integrated within a package (Integrated Circuit)

Acquired skills

  • Capture schematic under Cadence tool;
  • Setting up static, dynamic, transient analyses, and statistical analysis tools tailored to IC design.

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