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3D repositioning


Coefficient 2

Repositioning stereotaxic of a medical robot with cuts to CT-scan @benjamin.maurin
The objective of the 3D repositioning class is to give the keys needed to ascertain the position and the orientation of a medical instrument in relation to a predefined position to fulfil a movement. This class shows the choice of markers to be used and the choice of potential sensors to be added to solve an issue as well as methods allowing to screen the markers position in relation to instruments. In the case of robot's assisted surgery, dynamics repositioning and control methods allowing to put intruments in their final position are studied as well. Techniques which are exposed in these two courses are put into practice by the solving of simple repositioning issues thanks to cameras. The entire assessment is tested : sensors calibration, choice and positioning of the sensors, installation estimation. In order to give difficulties overview, the likely evaluation of assessment errors is compared to unlikely direct measures in medical applications.

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