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 +[[physique_des_lasers_et_fibres_optiques|{{ :drapeau_france.png?nolink&25|}}]]
 ====Laser physics and optic fiber==== ====Laser physics and optic fiber====
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 +**10h30** \\
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-In this course, students learn the basis of laser cavity: its optic properties, its resonance, the losses and the amplification. + 
-\\ +Introduction to physics and to laser and fiber optics technologies in connection with their applications in the biomedical field. 
-\\ + 
-Then they tackle the physics of lasers, pulsed or continuous, fiber or not, and those especially used in the biomedical field+ 
-\\ +{{ :physique_des_lasers.jpg?nolink&300|}} 
-\\ +Physics and technology of lasers: 
-Eventuallythey see how light behave in multi-dielectric fibers and in optical fibers.+- The foundations of the laser cavity: optical properties, resonance, the cavity losses and amplification. 
 +- Continuous or pulsed lasers, particularly bundles or not- bundles used in the biomedical community
 +Introduction to Fiber Optics: 
 +-Guidage of Light (Concept of total reflectionnumerical aperture, modes, cutoff frequency, propagation constants, dispersion). 
 +Optical -Fibres: single mode / multimode, materials, fabrication, photonic crystals. 
 +-Capteurs Optical fibers: measurement chain, components, Bragg grating fiber. 
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