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Medical imaging : methods and applications

Coefficient 1

Course objectives

Becoming acquainted with the main problems in medical image processing (segmentation, registration, reconstruction, atlases, change detection). Several imaging modalities are studied (MRI, diffusion MRI, functional MRI, elastography, tomography, echography). The methods studied will be applied on practical cases (laboratory sessions).

Course outline

  • Medical image processing (JP. Armspach, 10.5 hours)
  • Inverse problems (Ch. Heinrich, 7 hours)
  • Elastography (J. Vappou, 4 hours)
  • Diffusion MRI (V. Noblet, 4 hours)
  • Abdominal segmentation (S. Nicolau, 4 hours)
  • Change detection (JP. Armspach, 5.75 hours)
  • Functional imaging (L. Lamy, 1.75 hours)

Acquired competences

  • Being able to choose the relevant medical image processing methods for a given problem.
  • Being able to be critical about a medical image processing pipeline.

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