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Analog and digital architectures in integrated circuits


Course purpose

Learn the basics of an analog IC design. Study, design and sizing of a library of logical cells pre-characterized in CMOS technology.

Degree course

Part 1 : Basic digital architecture (10H)

  • Architectures of basic digital cells
  • Sizing gates
  • Electrical and temporal characteristics
  • Drawing masks.

Part 2 : Basic analog architecture (15H)

  • Design flow of an integrated circuit
  • MOS transistor model
  • Basic stages based on a transistor
  • Stages with several transistors: gain stage, differential stage
  • Miller compensation of a two-stage amplifier
  • Design equations set of a two-stage operational amplifier with Miller compensation (OTA-Miller)
  • Design example of an OTA-Miller


  • Control of design flow of analog integrated circuit
  • Control of characteristics of an operational amplifier
  • Being able to design at transistor operational amplifier with two 2 Stages for Miller compensation
  • Design and simulation of digital cell library from schematics to drawing masks

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