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Heterogeneous systems II


The objective is to guide the student during the conception in a concrete case of an integrated micro-system by approaching the conception stream thanks to a multi-domain modelling. This education is addressed to students who follow the micro-electronic class of the university but more widely to the Telecom Physique Strasbourg school's students because information and communication technologies for health is one of their specialties in their degree course.

Degree course

  • Lectures (4H) : The course module entitled “heterogeneous systems” propose an introduction to computer-assisted conception of fluidic micro-systems drove thanks to an electronic chip. It appears to be in particular the conception of an electronic circuit of embedded control in a portable disposal of insulin injection used in the cure of diabetes. This disposal gathers essential functions of a laboratory test chain with the presence of a micro-pump that it have to be drove in order to regulate the fluid flow.
  • Practical classes (26H) : the practical classes implement the conception approach presented in the module course :

- The heterogeneous system and its environment are described and simulated in VHDL-AMS language.

- The methodological aspects of up and down conception are then applied through a multi-abstraction modelling.

- the electronic circuit of the micro-pump's control is studied under the environment of the CAD Tool CADENCE.

- Simulations need to validate objectives which are imposed by the specifications and finally lead in the preparation of the circuit layout.

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