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Master degree MNE

Education objectives

The MNE specialty's goal is to train micro and nano electronic researchers or engineers which have a great field of knowledges, from physics and elementary component tehnology and micro-sensors to combined integrated systems and circuit design (analog and digital).

The education is particularly focused on the awareness of the phenomenons which occured on the production and the using of strongly nanoscale and submicroscale components.

A degree course organization with a large choise of options allows everyone to customize his program based on his personal goal.

Students belonging to the Innovative Therapeuticv option who wish to achieve the MNE master degree would have to choose among those two possibilities :


The outlets are numerous in a national level as well as an international level, especially in an european level for :

  • in micro-electronic great companies as a conception or a process engineer.
  • in SME using or developing some electronic parts in their products.
  • in public establishments (NCSR, AEA, Universities) or private research establishments (centers of R&D of huge groups of the micro electronic sector).
  • in the higher education.

Admission's condition

For TI sante students, the registration is done during the third year of the engineer programm (in M2) under the condition to have the second year in Telecom PS validated.

Poster MNE Depliant MNE

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