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-[[Nanoparticules dendronisées pour le biomédical et le biologique|{{ :​drapeau_france.png?​nolink&​50|}}]]+[[Nanoparticules dendronisées pour le biomédical et le biologique|{{ :​drapeau_france.png?​nolink&​25|}}]]
 ====Nanoparticles dendronized for the biomedical and the biological==== ====Nanoparticles dendronized for the biomedical and the biological====
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 ===Program=== ===Program===
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-{{ :​nano1.jpg?​nolink&​120|}} 
-**First part:** \\ 
-  * Introduction on the MRI and the agents of contrast 
-  * Case of the agents of contrast T2 with nanoparticles of iron oxide: specifications and notions of colloidal stability 
-  * Interest of nano materials: ​ the effect of particle size on the electronic and magnetic properties 
-  * Main methods of synthesis of nanoparticles 
-  * Methods of functionalisation of nanoparticles 
-  * Modelling of the main key technological stages. 
-  * Application in the TCAD (simulation of typical components, revealing practises some influence of the technology on the electric performances) 
 {{ :​nano2.jpg?​nolink&​130|}} {{ :​nano2.jpg?​nolink&​130|}}
-**Second part:** \\ + 
-  * General course on the various ​methods of medical ​imaging + 
-  * Notions ​of physical chemistry of the organic ​tracers +  * The various imaging ​modalities and their applications:​ which chemical agent / structure for which imaging technique? ​ 
-  * MRI : agents of contrast T2organic MacromoleculesAgents ​of contrast ​in the manganese +  * Overview ​of organic ​macromolecules for T1 MRI (gadolinium-based macromolecules,​ manganese chelates and nanoparticles ) 
-  * Carbon/​nanotubes nanoparticles for the health+  * radiopharmaceuticals for PETSPECTPET / CT 
 +For the magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical application : 
 +  * The biomedical applications ​of Magnetic Nanoparticles:​ case of nanoparticles of iron oxides 
 +{{ :​nano1.jpg?​nolink&​120|}} 
 +  * Important parameters ​in the design of functionalized magnetic NPs 
 +  * Magnetic properties at the nanoscale 
 +  * Main methods of synthesis and functionalization of iron oxide nanoparticles  
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 ===Applications=== ===Applications===
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-Early diagnosis of cancers ​by means of various complementary imaging modalities.+For the part dealing with organic macromolecules : early diagnosis of cancers ​; tumor targeting 
 +For the part of magnetic nanoparticles:​ magnetic nanoparticles design for theragnostic (to combine diagnostic, therapy and specific targeting) 
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