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Teaching purpose

Bring an opening on the new concepts and the new technologies developed around the nanometric size objects. Give notions onto their elaboration, their observation and their characterization, their potential applications in the biology and in the therapeutic innovations.


  • Introduction in the undulatory physics, the resolution of the equation of Schrödinger in a well
  • Effects of size in nano-objects, elaboration of nano-crystals and nano-components
  • Microscopies with close field or with distant field, manipulation of nano-objects
  • Nanocomponents
  • Nanoparticles


Applications in the biology and in the medicine:

  • Optical marking by nanocrystals
  • Carbon materials (nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene) and health
  • Magnetic nanoparticles and treatment of the cancer by hypertherm

TU 2 - Nano-science and Bio-systems
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