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Physics and photonic


Coefficient 1,5

Course purpose

  • Knowing the main methods of optical imaging of living tissue.
  • Knowing instrumentation, light sources, detectors and associated acquisition chain.

Optical imaging method (2*1h45mn) Principal methods of measurement and macro imaging of optical properties of organs

  • Diffuse Optical Tomography
  • molecular fluorescence tomography
  • photo-acoustic imaging
  • Optical Coherent Tomography

Instrumentation (2*1h45mn) The instrumentation part is oriented to the practical work proposed in this teaching

  • Planar Fluorescence, 2D imaging static lighting: laser diodes and CCD camera.
  • picosecond time resolved of near infrared spectroscopy, laser diodes, avalanche photodiode, time resolved photon counting.
  • time resolved near infrared imaging, 3D imaging (2D + time) image intensifier tube.
  • An overview on pulsed light sources in also given

3 practical sessions illustrate the different techniques taught:

  • Planar fluorescence imaging
  • Absorption and diffusion coefficient assessment by time resolved measurement
  • 3D imaging with sub-nanosecond time gate camera.


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