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Physical data acquisition


Coefficient 2

This course provides the knowledge of LABVIEW software in order to be able to control a measuring bench of a physical variable.

Program :

Course :

  • areas covered by the Labview software
  • What acquisition interfaces can be control with Labview ?
  • Basics of Labview

Applications :

  • Controling basics functions
  • Test benches realisation controled by Labview.


Applications :

  • Basics of LABVIEW.
  • Industrial instrumentation by National instrument interfaces

Three test benches are studied :

  • Temperature measurement by thermistance (data acquisition USB 6009)
  • Bode diagram Graph of an analog filter (GPIB connection between the computer and function generator/multimeter)
  • Weigh scale (interface USB 6009)

Knowledge :
  • Knowledge of Basics
  • To be able to control two instrumentation interfaces (USB 6009 and GPIB) with Labview in order to create a test bench.


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