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Real time simulation

24H45 The goal of this lecture is to acquire the theoretical and practical basis to perform finite element simulations in real time. An implementation of a linear finite element model will also be performed during TPs.


The theoretical aspects of this lecture will cover key concepts allowing for reducing the computation time of finite element models. We will study the main components of interactive simulations (computation of the deformation, contacts response and collision detection). The numerical aspects will be studied in detail including time integration methods (implicit / explicit), linear and non-linear solvers and sparse matrix storage format.

real time simulation of an embolisation with SOFA


Theoretical aspects of this course will be implemented during TPs to propose a real-time implementation of a linear finite element model. A skeleton of code will be provided to manage the interaction and visualization aspects. It will be asked be to implement linear algebra functions, mechanical computation and temporal integration. The program will use meshes generated during the lecture “model of living systems”

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