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A research of excellence

To assure its formation, Télécom Physique Strasbourg leans back to a research of excellence environment born from the synergy between the Strasbourg's University and the NCSR.

  • The research in the interface of Information Technologies and Health has an important role, through programms gathering engineering, health and biology researchers.
  • The research in the interface of Biology or Chemistry and Health is very present as well in Strasbourg with a medicine axis gathering the most famous laboratories of the domain.


The formation Telecom Santé of this school is compatible with several master's degrees of th Strasbourg University, including in particular the TI field the Master IRIV et Master MNE. These last ones can be made during the second and the third year of the diploma.

The evolving of these master's degrees to their new statut in 2013 will be made jointly with the arrival in the third year of the diploma of thr first TI-Santé promotion, by looking for the creation of gateways.

The ICube laboratory

The laboratory ICube gathers since January 1st, 2013 the research forces of the academic site of Strasbourg in the information sciences domain and engineering sciences with imaging as the main topic. The laboratory includes about 230 permanent, with about 200 researchers, teacher-researchers and research engineers. Privileged fields of feature of the ICube laboratory are health IT and environment.

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