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Health IT engineer

Nowadays, Healthcare is one of the vastest sectors of employments for the executives, with very strong growth prospects.

After finishing his/her curriculum, the Health IT engineer will have obtained solid bases in physics, data processing and engineering, together with knowledge and skills inherited from professionals of the Healthcare sector. So, he/she will have the ability to manage ambitious projects in innovative sectors in:

  • Medical robotics
  • Medical imaging
  • Instrumentation
  • Health informatics technology
  • Micro et Nanosystems
  • Biosynthetic and Biosensors
  • Bioinformatic

He/she will contribute to the emergence of new diagnostic tools and innovative therapeutic approaches.

Health industry experts agree to say that Health IT engineers will correspond to high demand in various sectors:

  • Instrumentation : creation of new diagnosis and therapy devices, design of heterogeneous integrated micro-systems dedicated to health sector
  • Hospitals : development and monitoring new instruments
  • Pharmaceutical industry : development of new processes and production tools for the manufacturing of “intelligent” medicine.
  • Assistance to medical and surgical gestures : improvement of the quality of care thanks to the control of imaging and virtual technologies and medical robotics.
  • Health informatics technology : protocols and security of data, human-machine interfaces and simulation.

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