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Semiconductor physics


The lecture introduces the fundamental concepts in semiconductor physics and describes the operation of basic semiconductor devices.

  • Introduction : semiconductors and information technology
  • Semiconductor technology (a short overview).
  • Semiconductor materials: cristalline structure, energy bands, density of electronic states
  • Intrinsic semiconductors
  • Extrinsic semiconductors
  • Fermi-Dirac probability distribution
  • Charge transport
  • PN junction : concept and applications.

Knowing the physical mechanisms which underly the operation of most semiconductor devices (transistors, light-emitting diodes, LASER, solar cells, sensors,…)


« Semiconductor Devices : Physics and Technology», S.M. Sze, 2nd Edition, WILEY (2002) « Semiconductor Physics and Devices : Basic principles », D.A. Neamen, 3dEdition, McGraw Hill (2003)


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