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Therapeutics instruments  and technology


Coefficient 2

Therapeutics instruments sensors

The sensors education has for objective to make future engineers aware to main physical phenomenon and to sensors building technologies (micro-technologies, surface micro-manufacturing, volume micro-manufacturing). This class is particularly interested in the using of MEMs for surgical tools instrumentation. This course is based on already studied notions of sensors' physics (piezo-resistivity, piezo-electricity, thermoelectric phenomenon, galvano-magnetic and opto-electronics). It relies on a case study in the form of practical classes, for instance the study of a micro-sensor of effort by FEM simulation or the study of a magnetic micro-sensor for the catheter's navigation.

Axilum Robotics has developed the first robot specifically designed for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

Instruments technology

Besides, several advanced instruments technologies are introduced in a course at an interface with physics. This one browse used instruments during modern medical and surgical practices. Among the tools, we find for example lazers which are brought in the middle of a tumor to be destroyed thanks to guides with a shape of needles and focused ultrasound disposals used to destroy tissues in a not invasive way. Physicals principles are presented and illustrated with the presentation of existing tools.

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