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TU 2 -Nanosciences & Bio-Systemes


This TU is composed of four parts:

This teaching unit seeks to familiarize the future engineers with the current biomedical research and its applications and to form them in this interdisciplinary field.

The teaching unit is interesting in DNA microarrays and protein chips (manufacturing and applications), bio-sensors ISFET type and laboratories on a chip (Lab-on-chip).

Technicalities encountered in the current DNA chips namely amplification, separation (electrophoresis), hybridization, and detection (including by fluorescence) are explained.

The study of Lab-on-chip is thanks to the modeling and simulation by FEM for the study and resolution of problems inherent to multi-physics micro-systems, and continuous micro-flows associated (micro -fluidic).

A travel is planned to Inter-University Centre for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (ICEM) in Grenoble: For 4 half days, students have worked on the dedicated Biotechnology (located Minatec) platform. This training will teach them the basic techniques of biotechnology on the following points:

  • Manufacturing a biochip and DNA hybridization, fluorescence detection.
  • Biochip proteins: measuring association constants and dissociation detection SPRi

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