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TU 1 -Analytical Instrumentation & Detection Systems


This teaching unit is composed of two parts:

Traditional techniques widely marketed as the “Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorting” (FACS) or the detection of bio-molecular bonds by “Surface Plasmon Resonance” (SPR) taking advantage of specific molecular interactions, as well as evanescent wave sensors and the interferometric sensors are discussed.

The course about Advanced Biomolecular Instrumentation is a state of the physical and chemical instrumentation in industrial and laboratory for the development of new drugs or therapeutic nanostructures. Among these techniques, we can quote the liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic or electron paramagnetic resonance (NMR or EPR) and infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The aim of this course is to familiarize the future engineers with the most recent developments to enable them to contribute to future employment in companies developing and distributing these devices.

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