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TU3 Micro-systemes for the medical

The teaching unit Micro-medical systems is composed of two parts:

The teaching unit is interesting in DNA microarrays and protein chips (manufacturing and applications), bio-sensors ISFET type and laboratories on a chip (Lab-on-chip).

Technicalities encountered in the current DNA chips namely amplification, separation (electrophoresis), hybridization, and detection (including by fluorescence) are explained.

The study of Lab-on-chip is thanks to the modeling and simulation by FEM for the study and resolution of problems inherent to multi-physics micro-systems, and continuous micro-flows associated (micro -fluidic).

A travel is planned to Inter-University Centre for Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (ICEM) in Grenoble: For 4 half days, students have worked on the dedicated Biotechnology (located Minatec) platform. This training will teach them the basic techniques of biotechnology on the following points:

  • Manufacturing a biochip and DNA hybridization, fluorescence detection.
  • Biochip proteins: measuring association constants and dissociation detection SPRi

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