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TU4 Bio-Engineering


The UE Biological Engineering consists of three parts:

The class of Methodology, stream of conception system, language and simulation, concerns the strongly multi-disciplinary and electronic methodology of conception of a system. It enters in detail in various stages of the streams of conception associated to the microelectronics (cut architectural, automatic synthesis, modelling multi-levels, check, tests).
The objective is to reach a level of granularity being enough for making easily links with the various approaches used in particular in synthetic biology and exploiting this analogy to define a stream of conception of the biosystems.

The class of synthetic Biology leans on methodologies and electronic analogy - biology described in the previous part. The objective here is to put into practice the languages of modelling multi-levels and multi-disciplines.
In the practical part, the students model at first simple electronic systems (logical doors, passive components) then equivalent elementary biobricks, then work on the stream of conception and the tools CAD partners, to adapt in particular logical synthesizers to the constraints of the biology.

The class of Bio-computing is interested in the knowledge of a set of algorithms and of fundamental software in biocomputing allowing the analysis of genome and the analysis of transcriptome.

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