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Health IT Diploma

Information technologies for the Health

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Health IT Diploma

Information technologies for the Health

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Telecom Physique Strasbourg - Health IT Diploma

Telecom Physique Strasbourg (Telecom PS) is a top-level French graduate engineering school for training highly-qualified multidisciplinary engineers specialized in R&D. Our students are able to meet the technological demands in many sectors, particularly in Information and Technologies(IT).

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Health IT is a brand new, forward-looking and innovative degree course in France which combines healthcare knowledge with the technical, biomedical and engineering skills needed for our students to be more competent and efficient in today’s professional world. Our students are selected through the competitive examination Telecom INT – MINES-PONTS after having successfully completed 2 years in the French “CPGE” program, an undergraduate course which prepares students for competitive entrance examinations into French “Grandes Ecoles”.

Telecom PS is part of the internationally recognized University of Strasbourg (Unistra). Telecom PS is also a member of the “institut MINES-TELECOM”, along with Telecom ParisTech. Finally, Telecom PS is affiliated to ALSACE TECH, bringing together the main Engineering and Management Schools in Alsace at the heart of scientific and technological Europe. Besides, we are truly proud to propose our students lessons in association with the New Civil Hospital of Strasbourg and the world-renowned EITS/IRCAD institute.

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Health companies, enjoy the skills of Telecom Physique Strasbourg students to develop a project. Collaborate with second-year students, future R&D engineers specialized in Health IT, they soon will choose an orientation “Innovative Medical Diagnosis and Treatment” or “Innovative Therapeutics”.

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