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Opportunities after the Health IT sector

  • Future prospects at the heart of innovation in the medical field
  • Engineer Research and Development ( R & D)
  • Engineering study
  • Project Manager and Consultant
  • Product engineer
  • Business engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Research

A developing sector

  • Support tools to medical and surgical procedures : technology medical imaging, computer simulation , Robotical assistance
  • Health Informatics : protocols and data security, human machine interface
  • Medical instruments and new devices for analysis and therapy, heterogeneous integrated microsystems design
  • Pharmaceutical industry: new processes and production tools for the manufacture of « smart“drugs

Opportunities for further study

After doctorate several educations are accessible,such as the master in Economics and Management ( not the Foreign Ministry carried by the Strasbourg School of Management suitable for engineers of all the AlsaTech network ), not MBA ( Master of Business Administration) …

Multifaceted engineers

During the three years that have passed our students, they had the opportunity to acquire a range of skills.

  • The core curriculum has allowed them to master:

the design of algorithms dedicated to solving multidisciplinary problems simulation problem analysis and implementation of resolution tools the design of communicating embedded systems without health dedicated thread project development associated with Theranostics and personalized medicine

  • Specialization in Medical Diagnostics Innovative Treatments enabled them to master:

the design and implementation of robotic assistance solution adapted to a given medical problem understanding and use of medical imaging the medical image the interface software development and data exchange

  • Specializing in innovative therapeutics enabled them to master:

heterogeneous microsystems design and innovative biosystems the design of innovative medicines and hybrid sensors developing instrumental chains linked to microfluidics for biological data analysis

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