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Openings after the qualification

Future prospects at the hearth of innovation in the medical field
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Consulting engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Business Engineer ƒ
  • Quality engineer
  • Researcher

microfluidic chip @Biotray

Rapidly developing sectors
  • Tools for assistance to the medical and surgical gestures : technologies of the medical imagery, data-processing simulation, robotized assistance ƒ
  • Informatique of Health: protocols and data security, human-machine interfaces
  • Medical instrumentations : analysis and therapy devices, design of heterogeneous integrated microsystems
  • Pharmaceutical industry: New processes and equipments for the manufacturing of “intelligent” drugs

Possibility to further learning

Are accessible after the qualification the doctorate, the master degrees in economy and management, a MBA…

Multi-talented engineers

During the three years, which our students spent to Telecom Physique Strasbourg, they had the occasion to acquire several competences.

Thanks to the core course our students master:

  • design of algorithms dedicated to the resolution of multi-field problems
  • analyse and resolve simulation issues
  • design embbeded system wireless dedicated to health
  • development of projects of personalized medicine

Thanks to the specialization in Innovative Medical Diagnosis and Treatment ours students master:

  • The study and the implementation of robotic solution for assistance
  • the comprehension and the use of the medical imaging devices
  • medical image processing
  • the development of software of interface and data exchanges

Thanks to the specialization in Innovative Therapeutics ours students master:

  • design heterogeneous microsystems and innovating biosystems
  • design innovating drugs and hybrid sensors
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