An engineering school with an international dimension

The formation is made in an international context with a wide range of opportunities for mobility.

Disposals :

  • Two compulsory foreign languages,at least one of which must be English.
  • Second foreign language selected among German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Opportunity to study a third optional foreign language among more than 25 languages in association with the University of Strasbourg.
  • Abroad internship, at least 3 months, at University or in a company.
  • Opportunity of following a full year abroad, in the form of a gap year or 3rd year of the engineer cycle at a partner institution :
    • China : Wuhan Huazong University of Science and Technology
    • Brazil
    • Canada (Québec) Montréal
    • USA Chicago Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Classes associated with the master taught in English
  • Erasmus:
    • Germany : Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
    • Belgium : Liège
    • Italia : Cagliari
    • Sweden : Lund

A three-months abroad internship at least is compulsory.
Here is a world map placing the internships of all graduating classes. For more details, click on the map.

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