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 +===== IT-HEALTH Engineers =====
 +[[secteurs_d_activites|{{ :drapeau_france.png?nolink&25|}}]]
 \\ \\
-[[Formation|{{ :drapeau_france.png?nolink&25|}}]]+The Healthcare sector is one of vaster reservoirs of jobs for executives today, with very strong growth perspectives.\\ 
 +In the term of its program, the engineer TI-Santé will have, on one hand, solid bases in physics, computing and engineering sciences, and, on the other hand, knowledge and skills in sync with the new jobs concerning health. He will so have the capacity to pilot ambitious projects in innovative sectors such as: 
 +  * Medical Robotics 
 +  * Medical imaging 
 +  * Instrumentation 
 +  * Computing for the Health 
 +  * Microsystems and Nanosystems. 
 +  * Biosynthetic material and the Biosensors 
 +  * Bio-computing 
 +He will so contribute to the emergence of new tools of diagnosis and innovative therapeutic practices. 
 +In the opinion of industrialists and experts of the domain of health, the engineer IT-HEALTH will answer a high demand of diverse sectors: 
 +  *  ** Instrumentation **: creation of new devices for analysis and therapy, design of heterogeneous integrated micro-systems dedicated to health. 
 +  *  ** Hospitals **: development and following of new instruments. 
 +  *  ** Pharmaceutical industry **: development of new processes and production tools for the manufacturing of "intelligent" medicine. 
 +  *  ** Assistance to  medical and surgical gestures **: improvement of the quality of the care thanks to the control of technologies of image and virtual (imaging, simulation, modelling) and to medical robotics. 
 +  *  ** Computing of Health **: protocols and safety of the data, human-machine interfaces and simulation. 
 +\\ {{ :secteurs.png?nolink&600 |}} 
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