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Strasbourg, an European crossroads

Situated just a step from Germany and Switzerland, Strasbourg comprise many institutions : the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Human Rights Building, the European Science Foundation, ect.

The entire city center was classified UNESCO world heritage of humanity in 1988.

A student city

With more than 53,000 students of 100 different nationalities, Strasbourg is one of the first student cities in France.

And Telecom Physique Strasbourg in all this ?
«At first glance, it is an engineering school in Physics. Paying more attention to it, it is the living place of three years. The exceptionnal athmosphere and the wide selection of activities are thus highlighten by the cultural ferment created by the European crossroads that is Strasbourg. And what about the BDE (the Student Association) ? It is a student association of eleven volounteers that keep a cohesion in the student life of the school and among the other engineering schools of the region.» President of the BDE Site du Bureau des Elèves


The city provide the inhabitants with state-of-the-art and environment-friendly transport means :

  • European Est HST (2h20 from Paris, 1h from Basel, 3h from Munich)
  • 430 km of bycicle paths
  • Streetcar (53 km – longest network of France)

Sports and cultural infrastructures

The city is provided with numerous places and infrastructures dedicated to sports and cultural activities :

  • a theater, including the biggest Zenith of France ;
  • museums ;
  • a big multiplex cinema ;
  • a skating rink of 3300m2 ;
  • a university sport center ;

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