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Health, a major challenge

At the crossroads of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and health sector, this engineering diploma answers to technological challenges of a fully extended sector.

In view of an ageing population, health spending will rise as OECD's researchers had thought. According to them, thoose spending will increase from 9 to 12.5ù of the GDP between in OCDE's countries.
IRCAD Strasbourg

Health Market,a solid foundation for sustained growth

A number of companies which belong to groups in Alsace ( 100 companies, 5000 jobs). Numerous multinational are also established in the valley of the Upper Rhine.

In this context,exceptionally rich, Strasbourg hosts a global competitiveness pole. Alsace Biovalley

Groupe FH

pôle compétitivité Alsace Biovalley Strasbourg

Points de vue

Le mot de Jacques MARESCAUX Président de l'IRCAD http://www.ircad.fr/.

“This new diplmoa ICTs-Health proposed by [Télécom Physique Strasbourg] fits to one of the strategic axes fixed by the Urban Community of Strasbour and the Alsace Region.

The recruitment of students from the TELECOM INT test will allow the formation of high level,real leaders in biomedical. They will work for the transfert of technologies et creation of startups. This school will be the most attractive in France in a field which as been neglected for a long time. Based on what is done at IRCAD, engineers' immersion in the biomedical field, the fact that they can work and dialogue with sugeons, doctors and radiologists every day will provide a real added value.”

A word from Christian POPULUS, Siemens-Healthcare France Director.

“Above all else, I can only support your approach because from mnufacturers' point of view we have contributed to an explosion of technologies in medical imaging,which also leads to an ecolution of medical practices. The counterpoint of technical improvements is that the basis of engineers formation must take into account thoose improvements.

Pharmaceutical industres http://www.leem.org/medicament/accueil.htm

Scientific progress and technologies in health's field are bringing out new needs with cutting-edged and very specific skills, which needs a permanent and very fast of the formation's offer (gene therapy, biochips, nanotechnology, information and communication technologies , « supply chain », « data management ».

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