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Way of life at Physical Telecom Strasbourg

The students' office

It is the mainspring of the life PSian! Its members are elected in the term of a memorable month of campaign and then put on the role of guides of PSians. You will discover it the first day because it will take care of your welcoming and the month of integration which you will not forget …

<callout type=“info” icon=“true”>You can have a front taste of what waits for you by going to see the plaquette alpha</callout>

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The sports' office (BDS)…
Would you play sport? You can devote at any time to a basketball match, a soccer, a rugby or a volleyball … You can also practise some dance on Thursdays and Fridays.

… and its sports tournaments

The Tournament Inter Télécoms, the University championship are tournaments in which you can confront at other schools and wear proudly the colors of PS Telecom!

The parties' office (BDF)

You want to shake your body on furious rhythms? BDF is here for you! It will illuminate your nights and will make them unforgettable. Warning, it is the only one to possess such a equipment and such a expertise in all Alsace!
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the Arts'office (BDA)
Your arrival in the school is going to allow you to enrich your cranium with the numerous cultural activities which are offered in Strasbourg. To take advantages, nothing more simple, it is necessary to follow the BDA which organizes a whole program of activities to amuse all curious people.
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Physique Strasbourg Ingénierie, the Junior-Entreprise of the school

Come to discover the business world, to develop your network and to work in team in good mood! PSI, The Junior-Entreprise of the school has for mission to put in relation companies and students on paid projects: by being a participant you can complete your training while being payed. By being a member of PSI, you will also have the opportunity to participate in congresses in all France and Europe and to take advantage of their parties of course …
If you want challenge and concrete, PSI is made for you! Our Facebook :

The Foyer - Le Fouaille

The Foyer, or Fouaille for the close friends, is the base camp of PSians who find themselves in noon, in the evening, between your lessons … You can compete for relentless billiard games or table football there, have an apéritif … In brief, Fouaille will fast become your second home !

Telecom PS it's also…
Clubs : le club Photo,le club cuisine,le club astro, le club danse, le cub dessin, le 4L Trophy and others…
Associations : l'Association des anciens élèves,l'Association Gala, l'Association T.P.S.Biologie Synthétique
Events : Integration Week-End(WEI), Poly's parties (association with all engineering schools of Strasbourg), Ski's Week-End , Culturals events in Strasbourg, Prom…

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